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Veronika Bellova is of Czech, Slovak and Russian heritage, born in Prague. She graduated from the Prague Conservatory. During her studies she took time to live in New York to take acting classes and explore the life of a New Yorker.

Highlights of her film roles include performances in the award-winning Czech film "Kanarek" and in the film "Expulsion from Paradise" by internationally acclaimed director, Vera Chytilová. International feature films include: the mentally ill woman, Mugge, in the film "Rene Hjerter" by Danish director Kenneth Kainz, the role of the Woman Captive in "Hannibal Rising", directed by Peter Weber, Kazi – a key supporting role – in the American film "The Pagan Queen", directed by Constantin Werner. She is also known to German audiences as the Ice Witch in the popular second part of a popular fairy tale about Hui Buh - "Hui Buh und das Hexenschloss" directed by Sebastian Niemann. Most recently she has appeared in the award winning film "Bratri" (The Brothers).

On US television Veronika has acted in the American mini-series "The Children of Dune" and the series "Revelations". Recently she played an existing character - the mother of Miep Gies in the American mini-series "A Small Light" for Diesney+/ On Italian Television she appeared in "Zodiaco -Libro Perduto" and on German Television in TV films "Die Diplomatin" and "Der Zurich Krimi" and "Die Saat - Tödliche Macht". In her home country she has been seen throughout the years in many TV series in guest and supporting roles. To name some of them: "Ulice", "Specialiste", "Odznak Vysocina" and most noticably "Ordinace v Ruzove Zahrade 2:.

From her stage performances she found most satisfying combining singing and acting. For example in one of the leading roles - Johanna - in the musical "Sweeney Todd" with the English-speaking theater Prague Playhouse. She followed with roles of the Ghost of Christmas Past and Charwoman in "A Christmas Carol", and Festival of Iranian Films in the role of Shiva in "A Moment of Silence", among others. 

Her participating in advertising campains includes the lead in a popular TV and billboard campaign for a major telecommunications company in the Czech Republic, online video presentations for HSBC Bank that played regularly on their website and TV commercial for Cyrrus to name a few.


Veronika's singing voice is soprano. She participated in performing and recording various projects for commercials, film and TV postproductions, English educative programs, Czech and Slovak traditional songs, pop and relaxation music and musicals. 

She continues taking acting, singing and dance lessons and classes in various countries. She is a linguaphile honing her ability to speak fluent Russian, German, Italian and French.  Her native tongue is Czech while she speaks fluent English with a soft American accent.

La Fobia
Amor Labori
Stormy Rainbow
Der Zürich Krimi ARD
Specialiste TV Nova
Whiskey Cavalier ABC
Королева Славян
Blue Code TV Prima
Rene Hjerter
Kriminalka Andel TV Nova
My Detox / Kanárek
The Pagan Queen
Ulice TV Nova
Die Diplomatin
Vyhnání z Ráje
Hannibal Rising
Victims & Murderers
Botanicka Zahrada
Kněžna Libuše
Zodiaco - Il Libro Perduto RAI TV
Children of Dune HALLMARK
Expulsion from Paradise
Warrior Queen
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